Youth Internship
DA Productions is now focusing on youths at risk in the Washington DC area and have started by getting summer employment for 3 – 5 youths in metropolitan area. Our company has a 3 month promotion contract with a major promotion company, thus have decided that these resources would be best used getting young people employed and trained for the future. In addition to employment we are planning field trips that will have our interns introduced to businessman and other professional and influential people including congressmen, presidents of major organizations around the metropolitan area. We are also working to be able to make sure any of the young people in our internship who decide to attend college won’t have to worry about tuition.
One of our aims is to help promote self esteem and good work ethics which can be carried into there future careers.  Our company has done internships on a small level before allowing students to help with our theatre productions while giving them the encouragement to take the challenges that life has to offer through the arts.  This summer’s endeavor will be our biggest project to date which is going to open doors for bigger things to come. Check back throughout the summer to see pictures of our intern’s ands there growth. If any company’s or organizations are interesting in hiring  us to do promotions for your organizations please feel free to  go to the contact section and write , email or call for more information. We want to thank Mr. P & Miss M for there generous support to this project along with the Mega Fest Concert staff. Special thanks to Shara Gomes for all her support and consulting you're the best.

If you are a probation officer, counselor or parent that need help please write or email us at