The owners of The Hit musical “Law’d I’m Coming Home” will operate under D.A. Productions a theatre artist management company run by Gregory Ward and assisted by Elizabeth Jackson Hodges


                                               Gregory Ward
A producer, writer, singer, musician, friend, philosopher these are just a few of he words that can be used to describe the complex man, Greg Ward. By all measures of standards Ward has worked against the grid of opposition and odds. In 1969, Ward started a gospel group that most people gave little attention nor thought would do much more than sing at a few programs. Ward was known for presenting gospel programs that featured non famous artist as well as popular and thus help launch a lot of young groups to start up. As the years rolled on over 25 to be exact, the groups’ popularity grew from local to national acclaim. The faces seemed to change but the group forged on under the leadership and guidance of Ward. With all this it was inevitable that Ward would grasp the understanding of marketing and thus be able to promote along with manage theatre and up coming artists.

Theatre came later in Wards professional career it’s not like the writing ability was not there, Ward really was a writer as far back as grade school but was not phased by his abilities. After hearing a song written by Walter Hawkins and sung by Traimane Hawkins the vision for the musical play “Law’d, I’m Coming Home” was born. As of this year the play which has now taken a new look with the name “Law’d I’m Coming Home” is preparing to tackle new ground.

A graduate of Spingarn High School and native Washingtonian attended the Federal City College and Washington Technical Institute where he majored in Criminology and Psychology. Ward in his later years of college at The University of the District of Columbia had a concentration in law and contract negotiations. Even in his early youth, Gregory showed great interest in music. It was while he was attending high school that he decided to form his own Gospel group, which was later called the “Gregory Ward Company.” This group went on to record one “45” single and two full-length albums, one on the Shur Fine Recording label, Atlanta, Georgia. This group sang in churches, concert halls and auditoriums with such notables as: the Late Reverend James Cleveland, Reverend Isaac Douglas, the great “New York Community Choir,” and the Evangelist Shirley Caesar to name a few. Mr. Ward was the producer of a mini-album for “Luv Productions,” featuring Queen Esther Young. This was the first gospel project placed on the “Arrest Record Company” label. Ward was the first African American to direct and produce an annual Variety Show for the city of Alexandria, Virginia. At this time Mr. Ward had the only touring Musical/Drama of any type to be mounted and produced from the “Nations Capitol,” Washington, D.C. Ward, who is multi-talented as a singer, musician, playwright, producer, and director, is found in the field of “Family Entertainment.” He believes that “The family should be the center of everything.” Today Mr. Ward is furthering his career and education by finishing his Business Degree and Legal Assist Degree from the University of the District of Columbia. Look forward to see new and funny entertainment from Mr. Ward in the near future.